Thursday, April 09, 2015

Hi guys, I had originally planned to do a review of Death Cab for Cutie's new album Kintsugi today, but work has been really busy, and I haven't had time to actually listen to the album (or any of the singles), so it's going to be more of a first impression type thing. That's fun too right? Right?! I'm writing this on my phone as I listen, so it might be a bit of a ramble.

The first track is called "No Room in Frame". My first thought when the song started, was that it reminded me a bit of Imagine Dragons. It's a very calm song with a couple of instrumental parts. I can definitely see myself listening to this a lot!
The second song is Black Sun. This one is a bit darker (Because it’s black – get it? No? Okay, I’ll stop the bad jokes). Although it's good, I'm just not that impressed with it, and I'm a bit disappointed that they chose this as the lead single).
The third song is The Ghosts of Beverly Drive. This one seems a bit more pop inspired and fast paced, and so far this is my favorite.
The fourth song is Little Wanderer. This one is also slow paced and calm, and it’s kind of catchy with its simple text.
The fifth song is You've Haunted Me All My Life. Okay, forget everything I said about quiet and slow paced, this one takes those terms to a whole new level. It is really quiet and again, its one of those songs that’s perfect for working/studying.
The sixth song is Hold No Guns. Okay scratch what I just said, THIS ONE is quiet. It has a very acoustic feel to it, and it’s really calming to listen to.
The seventh song is Everything's a Ceiling. We’re back to the pop-inspired style and this one has a really positive vibe to it, which is really nice.
The eighth song is Good Help (Is so Hard to Find). This one is also a bit pop inspired, and it is faster paced than Everything’s a Ceiling.
The ninth song is El Dorado. This one seems a bit dark, but it is still fast paced, and has a nice beat to it. This one is also one of my favorites on the album.
The tenth song is Ingenue. Half way through the song, and I’m really liking this one. This one is a pop inspired slow paced song. I really like how it pretty much keeps the same steady beat through the entire song.
The eleventh and final track is Binary Sea. This one is again really slow paced, and it is a nice quiet song to finish of the album with.

Overall it was a good album, it wasn’t amazing but it was good. There weren’t any of the songs that I disliked, but I wasn’t really amazed by any of them either. Of course I liked some better than others, but I didn’t really love any of them. I will however, be listening to some of the song I really liked some more, and I might change my mind. This was as I mentioned my first time listening to the album, and I might feel different the second time around.

Have you heard any of the album yet? What do you think? 

xx - Lene

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