January favourites

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hi guys, we’re almost already halfway through February (how does time move so fast??), and I thought I would do a quick post on some things I liked through January.

january favorites

january favorites
January in Denmark was cold! I know that shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it does every year. Sometime at the end of winter last year I got this jacket on Asos, but by that time it was already too warm to wear it. I hadn’t really worn until the end of December, but through January I got so much wear out of it. It is the perfect fit, because it is super big flowy, which means I can wear a sweater under it, and I can close it without feeling claustrophobic. Also, for once it isn’t black :-D
Another thing I have been wearing a lot are bobble hats. Especially the gray one on the left is ridiculously soft and warm.

january favorites
Last month I raved about Bourjois Rouge edition velvet lipsticks and, as I mentioned, I also ordered two of the red shades. I got the shades 01 “Personne ne rouge!” and 08 “Grand Cru”, and while 08 is way too dark for my pale skin at the moment (which makes me look vampy, and not in a good way), 01 is a bit lighter which is much better fitted for very fair skin.

xx - Lene

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