Favourite song of the week #36 - Ain't it fun

Monday, February 16, 2015

Paramore - Ain't it fun

Hello everybody. My favorite song this week is “Ain’t it fun” by my favourite band Paramore. Why you may ask? Because THEY JUST WON A FREAKING GRAMMY FOR IT!! I have been a fan of Paramore ever since I heard “Misery business” on the radio back in 2007, and I couldn’t be more proud of them and how far they’ve come.
The award was for Best Rock Song, and this made Hayley Williams the first woman to win the award since 1999, how awesome is that? “Ain’t it fun” is definitely one of my favourite songs on their self-titled album, and if any of their songs should win a Grammy, this is a very good choice. The song is a fun (haha) pop inspired rock song, and it is amazing, so if you haven’t heard it already (where have you been?!) then go listen to it now!

What have you been listening to this week? 

xo - Lene

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  1. My favourite band! Incredible song :) www.rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx