October favourites

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Oh look! It’s yet another late monthly favourites post! This time featuring pictures taken in my window five minutes after I was supposed to take the bus to the airport – anyone else starting to see the procrastination pattern? :-) 
(I managed to make it on time so it’s okay – yay for online check-in!)

My first favourite this moth has been the MAC matchmaster foundation. As I have already mentioned way to many times, I am very pale (seriously, my friends usually make jokes about me being a vampire). Therefore I have a VERY hard time finding cheap foundations that actually fit my skin color. Last month I finally gave in and decided to get a foundation from mac, as they seemed to have SO many different shades. I got this very light foundation, which gives medium cover. The great thing about this is that it adapts to the shade of your skin, which makes it even more natural looking. I also really like the finish, as it isn’t dewy, but it’s not entirely matte either – it just looks like my own skin.

My next favourite is the Tulle perfume from Zara. My friend Sisse introduced me to this during the summer, and I had kind of forgotten about it, until our friend Katarina included it in a post about Zara’s perfumes a couple of months ago. So I had to go buy it! (I blame this purchase entirely on you guys!). I love the scent, and I think it would suit most people.

A lipstick I have been wearing a lot lately is the Revlon lip butter in “Sweet tart”. I got this back in April, but to be honest I haven’t really been using it. This is mainly because it looks like a VERY bright pink in the tube. I finally got it out of my drawer the other day, and I found it to be much more sheerer than I remembered it. It looks very natural and leaves the lips with only a bit of a pink tint, which is so pretty.

So, as you know Halloween was last month, and I was absolutely in love with Yankees Halloween themed candles. I especially like the ghostly treats candle. It is very similar to their fireside treats candle, which smells like marshmallows.

The last thing I have been loving in October, is American horror stories. You may know that they just started airing the fourth season. I binge watched the first two seasons during spring, but for some reason I got stuck at season three, and I finally finished watching that in October. So far season two has been my favourite, but I definitely enjoyed season three, and I’m really liking season four too.

Ok, I’m going to stop my rambling now – have a great day and stuff.

- Lene :-)

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