Album in focus #2: Paramore

Monday, November 24, 2014

I wasn’t really planning on doing these album posts this often, but as the deluxe version of one of my favorite albums is released today, I couldn’t help myself. I am of course talking about Paramore’s self titled album “Paramore”. Paramore is my all time favorite band, and it is one of those bands where I can listen to all their songs over and over again, without getting tired of them, and there is not one single song of theirs, I don’t like.
This is the fist album after the Farro brothers left the band, which you can clearly tell by the change of style, but also the lyrics, as some of the songs are about it. To avoid going on for to long, I am only going to talk about my absolute favorites, but you should definitely listen to the whole album.
The first song on the album is “Fast in my car”, and this was the soundtrack for all my car journeys back when this album came out. It is about putting all the crap behind you and moving on, and it is a great song to start the album off with. 
The next track is “Now”, and this was the first single of the album. It was released a couple of months before the album, and it definitely shows the new, different style.
The video for “Daydreaming” is about to friends going to London, and sneaking in backstage at one of Paramores concerts. When it came out last year, my friend Sisse (who is also a major Paramore fan) texted me, and said something about this being us (as we were going to London right after). That just seemed really fitting as this song is all about possibilities and daydreaming.
The last one I’m going to mention is “Still into you”. It is a really cute love song about being together for years, but still feeling the same way. I really like it when love songs have a little more edge like this one, instead of being all weepy (although I do like weepy love songs too).
Besides those, I also love “Hate to see your heart break”, and I can’t wait to hear the collaboration version with Joy Williams on the deluxe album.

- Lene

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