Favourite song of the week #26 - No way

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Naked and Famous - No way

Here’s a bit of late night blogging (this is what happens when you’re sick and sleep all day, so you can’t sleep at night…).
My favourite song this week has been “No way” by The Naked and Famous. This band is one of my absolute favorites, and I have listened to their Passive me, aggressive you album on replay sooooo many times.
It is still my favorite of their two albums, and I like every single song on it. I can’t remember where, but I heard this song somewhere last week, and it has been stuck in my head ever since, so it has been on replay all week. One of my favorite things about The Naked and Famous’ music is that most of the songs have so much energy and life (haha, I don’t know if that even made sense). The beat and mood if the music always make me feel really energetic, like I could just get up and run a marathon or something. This song is definitely no exception, and it is such a good song, for those days when I am feeling especially lazy.
What have you been listening to this week?

- Lene

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