Album in focus #1: Passive me, aggressive you

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Welcome to a new series of posts on my blog! I wanted to do more music related posts, and after talking about The Naked and Famous’ albums, while writing this Sundays posts, I got the idea for these posts. Every now and then I am going to do posts focusing on an album I like – old or new. I don’t want to call them reviews, as I will only focus on albums I really like, and the albums will probably have been out for a longer time. I am going to give my overall opinion of the album, and do a closer look on some of the songs I like the most. Ok, enough introductions – let’s get on to the album:

As I got the idea while mentioning the “Passive me, aggressive you” album by The Naked and Famous, I thought it would be fitting to start with that.
The album is The Naked and Famous’ debut album released back in 2010.
First thing: Can we just take a moment to admire the beautiful cover? As someone studying to become a graphic designer, I have the annoying habit of always going for the simple, boring, black and white designs, but I really love when someone is willing to take chances with colors, and it works out like this.
As for the music, I mentioned the other day that I really like how energetic most of the songs are. The music is a weird indie-rock-synth-pop combination, which really works for them. Although I really like the voices of the singers, I also really like, how much focus they put on the instrumental parts.
The first track is called “All of this”. I love the beat in the background, and I can’t help but start tapping my foot whenever I hear it.
The first song I ever heard from the band was “Young blood”, which is probably one of their most well known songs (Just looked on Spotify, and it is the most played song). It is all about being young, and it is just a really great song. I have listened to it soooo many times, and it has been on my summer playlist every year since it came out.
The last song I want to mention is “Girls like you”. This is once again a song where I really like that it builds up, and gets more life (seriously, he starts out almost whispering the lyrics, and ends up practically yelling).
I also really like “Punching in a dream”, and of course “No way”, which you can read more about in my post from Sunday here.

Have a nice day - Lene. 

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