Favourite song of the week #45 - 2YL

Sunday, October 04, 2015

The Front Bottoms - 2YL

I just looked at my blogger account and as it turns out, I haven’t posted anything for three months, so I thought it was about time! A lot has happened, including me turning 21, but I will probably do a separate update-post about all that stuff. Today, I will just stick to talking about my favourite song this week; 2YL by The Front Bottoms. 

The Front Bottoms released their newest album Back on Top in september, and my favourite song on the album so far has been 2YL. It is one of those few songs that I fall in love with instantly, and can then listen to on repeat for three weeks (which I have now done..). 
Not much else to say, just go ahead and listen to it!! 

xx - Lene

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