Life Update

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

A lot of things has happened in the past three months, and I thought I would just write a quick update. 
I finished my education as a Multimedia Designer back in June, and I have recently started a Design and Business course, which will upgrade my Multimedia Designer degree to a bachelor degree in Communication Design. So far it’s really interesting, and I’m really happy about it. 
My summer vacation was spent working as a secretary at physiotherapy clinic, but I did have time to squeeze in a 10-day trip to London with a friend. We had a really nice time, doing everything from going to museums and eating cupcakes in Hyde Park, to spending hours walking around bookstores and going to the Harry Potter studios. 
September was a bit of a rollercoaster. I lost my grandfather very suddenly, as he fell sick and passed away on the same day. The whole thing happened so fast, and it still feels kind of surreal. 
On a happier note I also turned 21 in september, and I got to celebrate with both family and friends, which was nice. I always love august and september because most of my family’s birthdays are in these two months, and we get to see each other more than usual. 
I think that about sums up the past three months, without going on too much of a ramble :-D 

What have you been up to? xx - Lene

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