Album in focus #5: Vessel

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I am a HUGE fan of Twenty One Pilots, and although I do like the newest album Blurryface (which was released last year), my favourite is still Vessel. The band has a really unique alternative pop-rock style with som rap, indie, and electronic sounds mixed in, and there is always a song to match my mood. I love all the songs, and picking my favourites was really hard as they are always changing, but I forced myself to narrow it down to seven (which is still more than half the album - oops).

Holding On To You might just be my favourite on the album - it was the first single on the album, and the first Twenty One Pilots song I ever listened to. It is a perfect example of their diverse sound, and after four years it is still my go to song when driving. Migrane is a bit more upbeat, along with Semi-Automatic (I've mentioned this one before as a Favourite song of the week).
House Of Gold has a more acoustic sound and it is definitely in my top three.
My last three favourites are Screen, Trees and Fake You Out.

xx - Lene

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