The Front Bottoms : Back on Tour

Monday, March 14, 2016

I haven’t been posting on here for a couple of months, but after taking a creative writing course at school for the past three weeks, I felt inspired to write some new posts and i thought I would just start with sharing a couple pics of The Front Bottoms’ concert here in Denmark a couple weeks ago. The venue was a small place, called Pumpehuset, in central Copenhagen and it was just the right size for a band like this - Small enough that the band could actually hear what people were saying to them, but big enough for a decent amount of people to fit and keep the energy up. They played a great mix between new and old songs (Although I’m kind of sad they didn’t play 2YL), and it was awesome! I mean, they had a bubble blower machine - what more could you ask for?? 
I didn’t get a lot of pics as I was too busy singing along, but I did get a few grainy ones:

xx - Lene

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