November favourites

Saturday, December 13, 2014

We’re almost halfway through December, so I thought it would be time to do a quick post on my November favourites. I didn’t actually notice that these are only beauty related until I took the pictures, but oh well here we go:

The Body Shop brought out their Christmas stuff, and with it came the Glazed apple scent. I LOVE the scent of green apples, and I really can’t figure out why it is not a regular. I know that the scent is not for everyone, but I have really been loving the lip butter, and the hand cream. I also really like the new lip butter tins over the pots they usually come in, as I find it to be much easier to actually get the product out.

My next favourite is the Naked Basics 2 palette. My lovely friend Sisse brought this back for me, from New York (as its is much cheaper there). The first one is still my favourite of the two, but I really love this one to. I love the fact that the basics palettes almost only contain matte colors. I really love glitter eye shadows, but I definitely prefer matte shades for autumn and winter.

I have been using the Revlon Lip butter in “001 Pink Truffle” a lot lately! It is a nice natural color, just a bit darker than my natural lip color, and it has been great as an autumnal color, whenever I don’t want to go really dark.

The last thing I have loved is the Rimmel Salon Pro Kate nail polish in “237 Soul Session”. This is the perfect nude color for me, and I have been wearing it a lot.

What have you been loving this month? Have a nice day!

- Lene 

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