Album in focus #3: (RED) Christmas

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Since we are in December, I thought I would do an album focus on something a bit more Christmassy. I LOVE The Killers, and although the songs on this EP aren’t all absolute favorites of mine, I do very much enjoy listening to it. Every year since 2006 The Killers has released a Christmas song to support the Product Red campaign, which fights against HIV and AIDS. In 2011 they gathered the first 6 songs on this EP called “(RED) Christmas”.
These songs are not usually Christmassy in the way we would expect of Christmas songs – some of them feature killer Santa’s, and this year’s song is about a lump of coal…
The first song from 2006 is called “A great big sled”. It’s about enjoying the childish happiness at Christmas as long as we can. I really like this one, and I think it might be my favorite on the album.
The next song is called “Don’t shoot me Santa”, and this song is about a guy who shot some people, and now Santa is coming to shoot him… Yep… The song describes the dialogue between Santa and the killer as the killer tries to justify the murders. It is a very strange song, but it is probably the most well known of their Christmas songs, with more than 5 million views on YouTube.
Their 2012 song called “I felt it in my bones” isn’t actually on the album, but I thought I would mention it anyway as it is a sequel to “Don’t shoot me Santa”, and it is much like it.
I would also like to mention last year’s song called “Christmas in L.A.” which I really liked. If you want to listen to the songs, make sure to watch the music videos for them, as they are always a big part of the songs.

- Lene

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