Favourite song of the week #13 - Riding to New York

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Passenger - Riding to New York

Last week I went to the Passenger concert in Tivoli in Copenhagen. To be honest I had only ever heard "Let her go", but I was pleasantly surprised by how many great songs he had actually made, and I am still wondering why he hasn't been discovered before. The song that made the biggest impression on me was "Riding to New York". The song is about a man who gets lung cancer, so he's travelling to New York to spend his last time with his family. Before he began singing the song he told the story about how he met the man, the song is about. The story and song were both very sad, and I almost started crying right there in the middle of the concert (luckily I didn't - that would have been a little embarrassing).
Please give this song a listen, and try out more of Passenger's music - He is way underappreciated. 

- Lene

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