March favourites

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Hello everybody! :-)
This is a veeeeeery late post on my March favourites. As I wrote in my last post I have been very busy, but I actually took the pictures before I went to America. I had planned to write the post on the plane, but I hadn’t really thought about the fact that my laptop is a 15” MacBook pro, which is kinda huge, and it is absolutely impossible to use when you haven’t got a lot of space, especially when the person in front of me decided to move the seat back… So instead I decided to wait until I had the time (and space), which is apparently now!

My first favourite is this leather jacket. I got it at Primark when I went to London back in January, and it is the perfect jacket for the cold-to-warm-weather transition in spring. Unlike most leather jackets, it is very thick and soooo warm, which is good when you live in countries with cold weather such as Denmark.

My second favourite are these hair products. My hair is straight and very thick and heavy, so it often looks flat and boring. Luckily I have these two hair sprays, which gives my hair amazing volume. The wonderful thing about the Batiste spray is that even though it is a dry shampoo, it has a bit of color, and you avoid the white patches you can sometimes get in dark hair with a regular dry shampoo.

My third favourite is this nail polish from Rimmel. It is the shade Pink Amazon, which is red with a hint of pink, and it is sooo pretty for spring.

My fourth favourite are these lip products. The first one is a Mac lipstick in the color Cosmo, which is an absolutely beautiful and very natural color. The second one is Palmer’s cocoa butter formula lip balm with dark chocolate and mint.

My last favourite is the iBooks app. I spend about three hours a day riding the bus or the train, and it is the perfect time to read. Instead of having to carry a book around in my bag all day, I have found it to be a lot easier to just download it, and read it on my ipad or iphone. Last month I started reading Paper towns by John Green.

Thanks for reading - Lene :-) 

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