Music Release Quarterly: Spring 2017

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A new segment in which I talk about my favourite musical releases of the past three months. 

Alt-J has released three singled during this spring, and they also released the full album on June 2nd (Which will without a doubt be one of my favourite albums this year). 
The first single 3WW was released on March 6th and it was one of my most listened to song of March! I also really like the other two singles, In cold blood (released on March 29th) and Adeline (released on May 24th), but 3WW was amazing! If you listen to one song from this post, let it be this one. 

Paramore has been my favourite band ever since I watched the Misery Business video on MTV back when it was first released (I just googled the release date, and realised it will be 10 years ago on June 4th.. Crazy!), and I have grown up along with the band and their ever-changing style. The new album After Laughter introduces a more new wave and synth-pop inspired style, along with a new weird visual universe which fits the music perfectly, and I am loving it! 
The album was announced along with the release of the first single Hard Times on April 19th, and the second single Told You So was released on May 3rd. The full album was released on May 12th. 

I have been waiting FOREVER for a new release from Him, and on April 27th it finally happened! Although first single Want You Back of the new album wasn’t technically released until May 3rd, a live version was released on April 27th, and after waiting almost 4 years it was everything I wanting it to be. The second single Right Now was released on May 12th and the full album will be released on July 7th. 

Just like everybody else on the planet I binged 13 Reasons Why when it was released, and when I stalked all the actors on their social media afterwards (we all do this right? right?) I found out that the actor who plays Clay is in a band called Wallows. During spring they have released two singled - Pleaser, released on April 12th, and Sun Tan which was released on May 22nd. I wasn’t really expecting much, because I honestly couldn’t really imagine Dylan Minnette in a band, but the songs are actually surprisingly good! They have an indie rock sound, which reminds me of bands like The Strokes and The Kooks, both of whom I’m a big fan. 

Harry Styles 
This guy doesn’t really need introduction does he? I’ve always loved One Direction (no point denying it), but Harry’s style of music is way more up my alley. The self titled album was released on May 12th and I love the entire thing, but my favourite songs are probably still the two singled, Sign of the times which was released on April 7th, and Sweet Creature which was released on May 2nd. 

Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean has been releasing some amazing songs this year! Chanel, his first solo release since the Blonde album, had it’s surprise release on March 10th, and a month later he released Biking featuring Jay Z and Tyler, The Creator. I have been listening to both of these a lot, although I prefer the solo version of Biking which was released in May. Another solo track, Lens, was released on April 23rd. I have been listening to all the songs on repeat, and they have been all been added on my monthly playlists. 

Sigrid released the single Don’t kill my vibe back in february and has since released a single called Plot Twist, along with an EP. Don’t kill my vibe has been one of my favourite song this spring, and I can’t wait to see her live at Roskilde Festival this year! 

Have you had any favourite releases this spring? // Lene

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