Top 5 favourite musical releases of 2015

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

2015 was great as far as musical releases go, and I have made a small list with five of my favourite albums released during the year. 

Back On Top by The Front Bottoms. I only discovered this band about a month before the new album was released and I have been obsessed ever since, especially after hearing the new songs. The songs are all in the pop/punk/rock genre, and they are refreshingly upbeat. I have had the album on repeat for months, and one of besties even got me the LP for christmas which is a gorgeous purple color. The album is the first one to be released after they joined Fueled by Ramen - an amazing record company who also released another 2015 favourite of mine… 

Blurryface by Twenty One Pilots. TOP is one of my favourite bands, only second to Paramore and I was ridiculously excited for this album which you can probably tell from the Favourite song of the week posts i wrote about some of the singles (which you can read here, here and here). Although I loved Vessel a bit more, this album was still AMAZING! It has a bit more of a happy vibe than the previous ones which I really liked, and I loved how they build up an identity for Blurryface throughout the album and on twitter. 

Wilder Mind by Mumford and Sons. I LOVE Mumford and Sons and although I don’t love the new more pop inspired style as much as the folk rock, this new album is still amazing! I was SO excited about this album when it was released and it definitely didn’t disappoint. I even wrote a post about it which you can read here

How Big, How Blue, How beautiful by Florence + the Machine. This album was released  about a month before I had the pleasure of seeing the band performing at the Roskilde festival, which meant me listening to the album on repeat the entire time. The indie rock album is so good (I still can’t stop listening to the title song How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful), and it was definitely worth waiting four years for. 

The Mess Remade by Bad Veins. This band is a new favourite of mine and I have been OBSESSED! I mean it’s getting kind of ridiculous - I was at work the other day and listened to the entire album five times in a row… Yep… The genre is indie pop rock, and it’s awesome, which is pretty much all you need to know. This album technically a remastered version of their album The Mess We Made, but since I only just discovered the band last year I’m counting this as a new release. :D

xx - Lene

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