December favourites

Saturday, January 10, 2015

december favorites

December has passed and it is already 2015! This is another late favourites post (surprise) but I have been super busy lately finding a place to do my last-semester-mandatory-internship-thing, which I finally managed to get at a great company yesterday (yay!). Anyway, here are my December favourites. It is, as usual, a chatty one so good luck:

I like candles, and I LOVE Yankee candles (I may have gotten too many in Scotland, which might be the reason why my suitcases were overweight when going home…). For December I have loved this candle called “Candy Cane Lane” which basically smells like peppermint ice cream, and it is amazing! I have also loved the “Snow Fall” candle from Lily-Flame, which is a really nice fresh scent.

december favorites
When I went to Scotland in the beginning of September I had already heard soooo much about these Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks. Since we don’t have Bourjois here in Denmark, it was one of the first things I got when I went there and, I love them so much! I love matte lipsticks, so these are perfect and they are SO long lasting! (Seriously, I wore one of them on New Year’s Eve and fell asleep with all my makeup on (ups), and when I woke up the next day, my lipstick still looked perfect!) I have the three nude shades: “04 Peach Club”, “07 Nude-ist” and “09 Happy Nude Year”. They are perfect for wearing everyday as they DO NOT budge. For that very reason I may or may not have ordered the red shades online :-D

december favorites
As I mentioned in my Christmas Movies post “A Christmas Carol” is my favourite Christmas story, and so when I saw this absolutely beautiful book version I had to have it and read it. The book also contains a bunch of other Christmas stories, although I never made it through the rest. 
I have also read “Let it snow” which I got from my friends Sisse. It consists of three romantic short stories by different authors, and all three stories are connected to each other (I didn’t realize this at first so I started of reading the second…). Usually I don’t really like it when stories get as overly gooey romantic as these do, but because they are Christmas themed I can forgive it.

december favorites

december favorites
When I started wearing eyeliner I used to use a liquid liner, which I loved the look of! Later I got caught up in all the felt tip liners and gel liners. I really like the felt tip liners because they are fast to use, and I really like the gel liners because the result is so much prettier but it takes me such a long time to do. Liquid liner is the perfect middle thing as it has great results and it is fairly quick to do, and this month I have been using Collection’s Fast stroke liquid liner almost every day.
My last favourite has been the Soap & Glory “The perfect ten” limited edition eye shadow palette. I found this on a random trip to boots one day, and I am so happy I got it because they really are the perfect ten shades! The color scheme is very Urban Decay Naked-ish, and it is almost like the best of all three palettes in one. The pigmentation is incredible and the colors last so well!

xx - Lene

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